New project helps fire ravaged farmers

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Farmers are pitching in via the AgriWebb Community – Helping Hand Project.

The project set-up by AgriWebb co-founder John Fargher helps connect farmers with other farmers who may be able to provide machinery, feed and even labour.

“We know there are people out there who want to lend a hand, so we decided we could drive a community project to help connect these people with those who need help,” Mr Fargher said.

Within an hour of going live, the program received 20 requests, and Mr Fargher expected it to only increase from there.

“We see our community projects being long-term initiatives whether it be for fire, drought, floods or any other community-related event for that matter,” he said. “We are here to help connect remote communities with others that understand their specific needs.”

The AgriWebb community consists of more than 3500 farmers, and at least 200 are under threat.Source:Supplied

Mr Fargher said farmers could register to help or assist others on the portal and from there the AgriWebb team would matchup relevant farmers.

“Nobody understands the needs of farmers like farmers. They have the equipment, supplies and know-how to make a difference and quickly,” he said.

Mr Fargher’s own family has been impacted with his father-in-law’s property being hit by the Kangaroo Island fires.

The project is just one way AgriWebb is helping farmers.

“With many of the AgriWebb team coming from farming backgrounds, we will also be looking to volunteer our time for those of our customers that are in need,” Mr Fargher said.

“We are not just connecting people but rolling up our sleeves and helping on the ground too.”

The company is also building out a tool that will allow farmers to calculate fence infrastructure losses for insurance claims.

“We want to clear any hurdles farmers face in an already tough time. This simple tool will save our customer hours of time in calculating the losses,” Mr Fargher said.


Lanham Media worked closely with AgriWebb to achieve significant and wide-reaching media coverage across print, radio and TV for the Helping Hand Project.

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