Mature worker with disability? Improve your job prospects by getting tech savvy

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The most recent review into Australia’s retirement income system found that almost 20% of Australians between the ages of 55 and 64 were receiving either JobSeeker, the Carer Payment or the Disability Support Pension. It also highlighted that it usually took much longer for older Australians to find a new job than younger job seekers, and people with lower wealth and education levels were more likely to be forced into early retirement. Sadly, one of the reasons for this was a reluctance to hire older workers.[i]

Add disability into the mix and the employment prospects for mature workers become starker – people with disability have lower labour force participation (53.4%) and higher unemployment rates (10.3%) than people without disability (84.1% and 4.6% respectively). 

SkillRestart is a new program looking to challenge stereotypes and increase the job prospects for mature workers with disability through digital literacy. Run by AimBig Employment, the pilot program will launch in Western Sydney in April 2020 with the view to expand state-wide and then nationally. 

Terry Wilson, General Manager of leading disability employment provider AimBig Employment, says that the focus on digital literacy and confidence is critical.

““It is easy to feel left behind with today’s rapidly changing workplace technology and software, particularly if you never worked in an office environment or have experienced a break in employment. SkillRestart is designed to get people up to date and ready to work in work-from-home roles or office-based environments. Work-from-home roles in particular are a major growth opportunity and likely to suit people with disability.”

Call for pilot participants

AimBig Employment are looking for participants in Western Sydney to take part in the free pilot program. Participants must be over 50 years of age and have a disability as recognised by the Department of Disability Employment Services.

There is also an opportunity for local businesses to get involved in the program to offer practical experience. It would suit businesses that are looking to outsource administration type tasks such as data-entry or call centres. There is no cost to businesses to get this work done by participants.

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Lanham Media works closely with AimBig to promote inclusivity and employment of people with disability. We help their business to build their reputation and profile through significant media coverage in both consumer and trade media, including outlets focusing on the disability sector.

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